Smile-guesthouse in Krabi Town
our guesthouse is located mid in the Krabi Town closed to the Chaofa pier / Night Markets with smile & simple & style.

Thip/ Penut / Rai/ Taew / GrandmomThis Little boy is Upper, he is our grand son and now he is 6 years old (update April 2018)


Roof top with bird-eyes-view overlooked Knabnam Mountain, Mangrove River and til Tiger Cave Temple
3rd Fl balcony for relaxing & chill out

1st Fl with small balcony peaceful

Libery with books, magazines and games

Lobby with smile

smile guesthouse is decored with love & harmony from Smile - Team. Our Philosophy iw, that our guest feels like: this is his/her 2nd home. Welcome with smily face, simple living & style.
smile-guesthouse has 3 floors, each floor has rooms with
FANS and little windows/ remark: we do not have Aircondition rooms.:
Remarks> .a. Color in rooms are subjected to change .. b. by reservation please to contact us directly: >

Ground Floor is the reception area with small coffee corner. Coffee and tea is free for all clients, who stay in our guesthouse. Also this floor is just like a meeting area for friends, family and other clients. The kitchen is at the back site
with the exotisched smell of Thai-Food, when grand-mom or one of our us starts cook. On this floor is also Room Singha 13.

cat too dog tuktik
Do not surprise when you see some times dogs and cats infront of our house, they are homeless and we feed tthem, they do not have real owner and all feel like one in our family. By touching them, please be slowly, some of them got bad experience and showing their scare. Show love and kind they will accept you all.

------1st Floor
is NEW floor , on this floor has only 2 rooms, and also a little libery and a little balcony faced to the Mangrove Forest and River. Some time little cats from publich garden come to visit this floor.

1st floor
Shingha11> share toilet & shower with long window faced to little balcony

1st floor
Shingha12> share toilet & shower with little window

2nd Floor is tranquil and peacefull

2nd floor
Chang21> toilet & shower with long window & little balcony faced to the river

2nd floor
Chang22>share toilet & shower with little window

2nd floor
Chang23> toilet & shower with long window and little balcony faced to the street

-------- 3rd floor is quite and peacefull with a balcony decored with nice plants, flowers, little lotus-pool and sun-bed & chaires. The highlight is the Top Floor, where you can have the fantastic
view over look to the mangrov river & forest, the Knabnam Mountain (symbol mountain of Krabi) and the Golden - Pagoda of the Tiger Cave Temple. You can using your time for having Yoga, Relaxation or Meditation on the Top Floor.

3 rd floor
Leo31> toilet & shower with window faced to the balcony

3 rd floor
Leo32> share toilet & shower with little window

3 rd floor
Leo31>share toilet & shower with window faced to the balcony

***An extra mattress if need : 100 Baht per night

*** share toilets & showers are on the 2 nd floor

Our Location

13 Kongka Rd., Paknam District, Moung Amphore, Krabi 81000, Thailand
Tel: Mobile: (0066) 81 894 0225 (thai / english) .......................... ///////
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